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Caleb Metcalf

Even at a young age Caleb was fascinated 

with photo and video so much so that he had to

have his own camera so still just a kid his

wishes and prayers came true when Caleb got

his first camera,so then it started Caleb started

taking photos videos and after years of practice

and mastering the art of taking a perfect photo

he started getting into the world of editing his

photos on his computer and after much work and practice on that he started

making his best work yet and at that point 19 year old Caleb Metcalf knew that

his work could not just stay hidden on his computer he knew that it had to be out

there for the world to see, so on  June, 2 2011 Caleb launched this site so he

could have a place to put all his photo and video work.



"Most people will think my goal is something that it is not, if

even one person sees one of my photos or videos and they

even for a few seconds forget about everything wrong in life

and they smile then my goal will be complete"


~Caleb Metcalf





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